Repu$tations Official Public Scammer List

If you’ve been intentionally scammed by someone in the community. File a report by clicking on the given link at the bottom of the page.

You must provide solid evidence in your form submission.

Our board will go over all evidence and make a non-bias decision.
(There are 5 board members who are carefully chosen by their reputation of being trustworthy by the community

THIS IS NOT A DOXING SERVICE! NO IRL NAMES ARE USED IN THIS SERVICE. Do not send IRL information in your submission.

You wouldn’t be on the list if the accusations aren’t true. Once again, our board reviews all submissions carefully. IF BY CHANCE evidence was fabricated and photoshopped and we missed it. You can file for a self removal using the link at the bottom of the page.

Note: You are only allowed to request to be removed once. So if you try to lie and get your name taken off and you were denied, but then later on rectified the situation, unfortunately, you will not be able to request a removal again.

☠️ - Scammers that have been found guilty - ☠️
Usernames & Casino Telegram Discord
Pankdussy - Stake
Pank#2571 or Feva#2571
willowsleepy - Stake/bc
TheReaper - Stake // Xbitcoinx - Bitsler/Betnomi
Sexycrypto - Stake
lmaddox -
GGolly - Stake
BitcoinAL - Stake/Bitsler
PICCHINETA - Stake/Betnomi
Toto - Stake // Eight/Yomodda - Shuffle
🤔 - Sus - Be Aware - Has not been known to intentionally Scam - 🤔
Usernames & Casino Telegram Discord
FFisOn // FF // Fuhrer - everywhere
۞Friendly Führer #3484
beastingout / HeartofGold - Stake
CappinCrunch / stiffy / CVNT - Stake
To file a report or to request a removal. Click here 
Updated April 27th, 2023

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