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CT at BC


The journey continues on. .

No one reads this anyway. I’ll keep it short and sweet. Get signed up at BC.Game NOW.


Cus you’re fuckin tired of playing at a website that scams the shit out of you, thats why. You tried Shuffle thinkin it was going to be the next Stake but realized they’re just a smaller less succesful version of Stake using well known scamartists in our community as their promoters.

I’ll telll you why you wan’t to sign up at BC.Game.


It’s got dice for you OG provably fair crypto gaming geeks for you to run your bet through the checker to make sure you aint bein cheated (nonces, hashes, hashes, nonces. . you get my drift)

It’s got 3rd party slots for your wife or girlfriend to play sittin next to you on the couch while you’re hittin 990x on dice, she just max won on Sweet Bonanza

And of course we can’t leave out your best friend the degenerate who loves plinkos for some reason. The dude keeps thinkin he’s gunna hit that 1000x ANYDAY NOW!. And guess what, HE WILL!

With over 22 house games to choose from, the top 3rd party slot providers to slap some spins on, to sports betting, live game shows, e-sports tournies, chat games, giveaways, VIP systems and now yours truely here; why are you still reading this? Get signed up right now and let’s win together!