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From nothing to 2

What's in a name?

Your name. It defines you. It exposes you. It is everything that is you whether you like it or not. I find it funny whenever someone says “He looks like a John”, or “Yep, she’s a Karen alright”. But we eventually grow to understand these connections as it just clicks one day. Shuffle just shuffled their legs for far too long while Wintomato gave me a shot immediately and like what I had to offer. Even though it’s what I had wanted initially, I’m not sure I can go into business with a casino that takes over a month just to give me a trial run. It just screams uncertainty with not a lot of faith. On the other hand Wintomato comes out guns blazing with daily fills, giveaway funds and spins for my affiliates along with long time friend Pettt to join me in this new venture together. This week should be interesting. We’ll see how it goes.